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Natural Fabrics All Summer Long

One of my favourite feelings in the world is the sand squishing between my toes at the edge of the ocean and the warmth of the sun on my bare arms. It is with this free spirit that I welcome one of my favourite trends for Spring-Summer '18 - natural textures and materials.

Tactile and Elegant

The magic and beauty of nature is abundant in this trend where sophisticated natural products with eco-friendly fibres are the order of the day. All too often, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are overlooked in favour of more traditionally luxurious materials but the tide has been turning.

With the natural trend already boasting an avid audience, this summer is set to elevate luxury sustainable products to a whole new level. This is a celebration of powerful fabrics that look the part too and straw is right up there with the best of them as a powerful and flexible material with a neutral colour palette that never goes out of style.

Natural materials create a warm, inviting and honest aesthetic. The trend has even made its way into the interior design world where esteemed names are reimagining the trend in new, innovative ways to explore its environmentally ethical, tactile and elegant qualities.

Sophisticated with Straw

When it comes to fashion and accessories, natural textures and materials create a balance between comforting and sophisticated. For this summer, we should expect to see the organic, refined textures of these materials complemented and contrasted by soft or bright colours and intricate patterns.

With the madebywave collections, materials play an essential role in the entire makeup of each product where style, versatility, practicality and authenticity blend for a relaxed vibe with more than a touch of luxury.

Every single one of our beach bags and clutch bags are made using woven straw from the gebang palm tree. This natural material is sourced in deepest Indonesia by local craftspeople using skills that date back generations to create unique pieces with the authentic handmade touch.

Material Girl

Each bag features a unique design and colourway inspired by the location for which it is named. From the lovely beaches at Holkham to the green, green grass of the Cotswolds , there’s plenty of UK-themed inspiration to keep you going.

If you fancy channelling more exotic vibes, our Zambezi clutch works beautifully with the bold black, orange and yellow colour palette to complement the natural elegance of the straw and embrace an uplifting aesthetic. Our Tulum clutch is another firm favourite with a bright and joyful multi-way colour palette to take you from the beach to the bar and across the world on luxurious adventures.

Down to Earth

The straw has a lovely, earthy tone and neutral colour that works just as well on the beach and throughout your far-flung holidays as it does at summer music festivals, laidback brunches and adventures through the city or countryside. All of our madebywave products embrace versatility and we cannot wait to see what the natural summer of 2018 has in store.

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