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Florals for Summer 2018

The floral trend is back in all its glory for spring and summer 2018, and I couldn’t be happier! This is such a pretty, light-hearted trend that can be worn in so many different ways. This summer’s fashion themes are all about embracing femininity in a fierce and often-unusual way – be bold, be beautiful and, above all, be bright. The influence of the ‘80s is out in force right now and, no matter how hard you try, it can never be too over the top.

Read on for the madebywave rundown of the top floral trends for 2018…

Vintage Floral

If you like that whole 1950s housewife aesthetic that skims over the preppy line and settles nicely into twee, then you’re in luck. This summer, vintage florals are back with a bang. Think tea dresses blended with midi lengths and a whole lot of colour, and you’ve got yourself the look. It's super-easy to wear and versatile for warmer or cooler summer days and nights.

English Country Garden

There is a whole lot to love about a super-British floral trend that suits absolutely everyone. Much like many of the other 2018 fashion trends, it casually toes the line, as Vogue puts it, “between good and bad taste.” Of course, it’s totally up to you which way to go!

This summer is all about going for it so try clashing, overconfident tones if that’s your flower bag. All you need to think of is top-to-toe flower print. If it borderlines on kitsch, that’s good too.

Complete your English Country Garden look with the madebywave Daisy Beach Bag. It's also available in Mini so that you can change up the look to suit the city, beach and bar.

Retro Floral

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see just how many past decades have influenced trends this year. It's always good to change things up and give everyone the opportunity to choose the trend-within-a-trend that best captures their style, We’ve already had the ‘50s and the ‘80s for summer 2018 and now we’re giving a chirpy high five to the dazzling style of the ‘60s and ‘70s. This type of floral borders on the garish which means it won’t suit all tastes but it is ideal if you like to play with dramatic colours. After all, fashion is about having fun.

With Added Ruffles

The floral trend is always going to lean towards a prettier aesthetic. If this is your type of style, then you'll love that ruffles is also on trend this summer for a totally feminine and detailed look.

You can also accessorise with the best of them - I suggest adding a selection of charms to your Daisy Bag. The daisy for a complementary and uniform style, the bumblebee to channel al fresco vibes or the ice cream for a refreshing and delicious taste of summer.

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