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In the Spirit of Versatility

Here at madebywave HQ, we’ve been thinking a lot about versatility. As we are a small business built on the values of slow fashion and conscious shopping decisions, it simply would not make sense for us to create collections that are restricted by trends. This is perhaps one reason why our accessories are so versatile.

While our collections were initially designed with sunny beaches and warm, tropical landscapes in mind from the Indonesian backdrops that inspired the madebywave brand, it is a sense of wanderlust and adventure that prevails above all else.

This results in collections that transition seamlessly from exotic beaches in the Maldives to the city of London and out into the green, green landscapes of the UK. These are pieces that will make you look and feel your best whether you’re by the sea, in the city or out deep in the countryside.

Green, Green Grass

This is perhaps one reason why the Cotswolds bag has become such a bestseller. It began life as a beautiful bag ideal for adding a touch of easy luxe to any outfit from sandy beaches to bustling cities and vast green countryside landscapes.

But as the madebywave brand has developed, we’re always looking out for customer feedback and it was in response to the desires of our lovely customers that we launched two new updates of the Cotswolds bag. Now we have the mini version for easy understated chic and the medium-sized version which fits within just about any setting with plenty of room to fit all your essentials.

Game, Set, Match

Embracing a versatile spirit is also about having fun. We’ve created yet another wonderful version of our Cotswolds Mini bag that has been specially designed to embrace the Wimbledon theme. This is a fun, bright statement piece to honour the iconic tennis championships where free spirits come out to play.

Lovely colour pops come courtesy of the yellow tennis ball and bright red strawberry charms. The bag comes complete with thick straps made using woven straw from the gebang palm tree, as well as a longer strap to pop over your shoulder - wherever the mood takes you!

Click here to shop the collection of madebywave beach bags and embrace versatility in all its glory!

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