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Viva La Revolution

You may have already seen my most recent blog post about madebywave showcasing at A Luxe Story – the pop-up focused on supporting independent women’s lifestyle designers. But April has been a busy month because I’m also taking part in Fashion Revolution Week to support a cause that is close to my heart in both a personal and business sense.

The Fashion Revolution

Billed as the largest global fashion activism movement, this is an initiative that began after more than 1000 people died and more than 3000 were injured when the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed five years ago this month. The building was home to five garment factories for big global brands – most of the victims were young women. A decision was made to use the power of fashion to change the world and it took off fast.

Fashion Revolution aims to change “model, material and mindset” in a bid to increase transparency and accountability so that we all consider the impact that our fashion choices have on people’s lives and on the environment. We must focus on transforming how we produce and consume clothes, as well as shifting our attitudes towards fashion.

From 23-29 April, Fashion Revolution Week is holding a series of events in major cities across the world including a range of exciting showcases in London. There will be speed networking among like-minded eco enthusiasts and fashion figures, as well as upcycling and sustainability workshops on the agenda. I can’t wait to get involved and learn more about the most pressing issues on the eco fashion hit list for 2018.

Eco Politics and Sustainable Fashion

But the focal point of the week takes the form of the London Sustainable Fashion Rooms at the Truman Brewery. Curated by sustainable fashion pioneer and footwear designer Po-Zu, this week-long community space and pop-up boutique is designed to encourage debate around environmental sustainability in fashion.

There will be a “Who Made your Clothes” installation that gives a nod to the #whomademyclothes hashtag inspired by Fashion Revolution Week, as well as the opportunity to shop sustainable and vegan fashions from a selection of handpicked independent designers renowned for their conscious approach to consumerism.

It's such a good feeling to sustainability becoming a key new driver of consumers’ purchasing decisions. We still very much live in a world based on supply and demand, which means that there are new brands popping up all the time to cater to those shoppers who want to make eco-conscious purchasing decisions. I'm proud to be among this growing wave of sustainability and look forward to seeing the impact that Fashion Revolution Week has on eco awareness around the globe.

All of the madebywave products are handmade in Indonesia by local artisan communities using traditional techniques that date back through the generations. Click here to check out my past blog post on the madebywave slow fashion production process and my dedication to keeping traditional craftsmanship alive in a modern world, and click here to shop the sarong collection.

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