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From Zero to Hero

The madebywave team have recently returned from an incredible trip around Indonesia, where we visited the craftspeople who make our collections and spent time in some of the most beautiful, undiscovered corners of this vast nation.

A post on these travels will follow later this month with plenty of wanderlust inspo for your pleasure! But today we’d like to focus on what’s going on back in London because our feet have barely touched the ground since we returned from our trip and the madebywave brand is continuing to ride a very exciting wave.

Ocean Pop Ups

This Friday marks the start of a new collaboration between madebywave and Project Zero charity when we will be participating in a two-week long pop-up in Soho. Sustainability and a respect for the world and her natural beauty is central to the madebywave ethos which is why Project Zero marks such a perfect match for us.

Project Zero collaborate with conservation partners around the world to fund ocean protection and restoration projects in need of support. Among a whole collection of projects, they are working to protect and clean up the ocean, restore fisheries and rebuild coral reefs and mangroves.

Their projects are currently taking place across all of the world’s major oceans including the first marine conservation strategy of its kind on the island of Obonjan in the Adriatic and the funding of vital scientific research to support sustainable projects in the East China Sea.

An Eco-Luxury Haven

It seems to be a match made in eco-luxury heaven because madebywave is a brand named for the beauty and power of the ocean, and we are firm believers in all that Planet Zero stand for.

As it stands, less than 3 per cent of the ocean is protected and half the coral reefs have already been destroyed. Ocean plastic pollution is growing more deadly by the minute and parts of the ocean are no longer able to support marine life. Project Zero are doing such valuable work and empowering change, and we are totally on board with this cause.

With the madebywave roots and heart firmly set down in Bali, Indonesia – a surfer’s paradise renowned for its huge waves - we want to continue this positive energy and flow along with the wave of movement and strength of creativity. This belief in the power and importance of protecting the ocean should go global, just as the waves themselves do.

Once again, we can see the power of conscious decision-making and supporting positive change. Every one of our madebywave products are handcrafted by local communities in the heart of Indonesia because we believe in supporting the natural goodness of our world and preserving traditional livelihoods. So, come and visit us at the pop-up to find your must-have summer accessories and a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea.


Come on down to the visit the pop-up at 20 Beak Street, London W1F 9RE , open until 24 June

. And click here to browse the ocean-inspired madebywave collections in all their glory.

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