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Behind the Scenes of the New Collection Photoshoot

As a brand that prides itself on authenticity, I’m thrilled to dedicate this madebywave blog post to a journey behind the scenes of the brand. I spent time in the studio over the new year along with my new collection and a creative team whose talent seemingly knows no bounds! This is the story…

Original Talent

Every madebywave product is handmade using the finest craftsmanship with a colour palette chosen to reflect a unique personality and global destination. With the majority of my customers purchasing their products online, it is so important for me to find the right photographer who can capture the essence of the products with beautiful imagery that speaks to my audience.

I was thrilled to discover Philip Meech – a renowned fashion photographer who collaborates with many fashion magazines. He also completes shoots for fashion houses such as Prada and Miu Miu, so there is definitely a luxury edge to his work and an originality that is hard to find.

Embracing Hope

So, on a bitter January day, I found myself in Philip’s London-based studio on a shoot for the new madebywave collection. And I was in good company! While Philip reigned behind the lens, the shoot was styled by Hope von Joel, whose sophisticated and exciting approach to styling fits perfectly with the madebywave aesthetics.

Hope has a natural talent for visuals that has been honed by working for some of the finest names in the industry including being London fashion editor of Odda Magazine, working for Alexander McQueen fashion house, various worldwide Vogue Magazines and many more.

She describes styling for shoots as a work of art and her design for the madebywave shoot took in a beach landscape with a muted grey background and elegant, simple floral décor. I love how she brought the madebywave products to life with her concept but it should come as no surprise as good style certainly seems to run in her genes. Hope’s mother was a Vogue cover girl and her aunt is none other than Jean Shrimpton.

Model Behaviour

Both Philip and Hope collaborated beautifully both with one another and with our model, Esme Ham. After being scouted at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, young Esme has seen her career grow to glittering heights in just 18 months. She has walked the catwalk for Gucci, regularly features on the pages of fashion magazines including Marie Claire and on the front cover of Stella, and has been noted by Vogue as a model to watch. In January she also starred in Harvey Nichols' campaign.

She exuded grace and confidence, enhancing the madebywave products with her ethereal beauty and fully embracing the power of each piece. Esme made it look entirely effortless even though posing all day must have been tiring! Please discover madebywave look book 2018 in its full glory!

The madebywave Team

I really felt that having such a talented creative team on this photoshoot helped to give madebywave a stronger identity as a brand and take it to a whole new level. Everybody on the team is a true professional with raw passion and a naturally artistic personality.

It was a fabulous experience for me to work with such great talent who seemed to quickly understand madebywave and take the brand in new, exciting directions. What a wonderful way to start a new year!

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