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Looking Fierce with Wolf & Badger

Today is a big day for madebywave as I’ve just signed up our very first online stockist! The brand profile has gone live on Wolf & Badger - otherwise known as one of the biggest online platforms in the world for independent and upcoming designers.

A Celebration of Independent Brands

Established in 2010, Wolf & Badger offers a curated marketplace of independent brands. They are renowned throughout the fashion world and beyond for bringing an eclectic range of emerging independent designers to a discerning global audience.

The new madebywave profile features alongside more than 700 upcoming designers offering accessories, beauty products, homewares and gifts as well as fashion for men, women and kids. You can check out our shiny new profile by clicking right here.

A Selective Platform

It is so exciting and fulfilling to see the products that I have put my heart and soul into bringing to fruition go live on such an esteemed site. I’m also thrilled with the exquisite lifestyle photos that are featured on my profile and show off the madebywave products in all their glory.

It's an honour to have been accepted by Wolf & Badger as they are very selective about the designers that feature on their marketplace. Every one must align with their core values and commitment to the ethics of corporate social responsibility.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise, then, that their core values align closely with my own and the ethics on which the madebywave business was built. Both of us focus on an ethical, sustainable and transparent process and supply chain with no sweat shops or child labour.

We also both place quality far above trends on the priority list in order to create timeless products that are made-to-last. It's all about slow fashion and products that you will cherish instead of the fast and furious throwaway trends promoted by many high street brands.

Eco Values

It's clear to see that Wolf & Badger’s audience sits firmly alongside the madebywave family at the ethical fashion table. We love and support unique, eco-conscious products that cater to a stylish yet eco-aware community.

Indeed, the Indonesian communities that create the madebywave products are one of the most cherished parts of my brand identity and one that I am so proud to talk about.

So, you want to shop with a conscience and celebrate all that is wonderful about independent brands, then you've clearly come to the right place. Welcome!

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