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Indonesian Inspiration

It’s been nearly a month since madebywave’s launch and I’m having the time of my life. At the Luxe Story Resort pop up that marked my official launch, I had the opportunity to speak with many customers, press reps and other visitors all about the brand and my inspiration. It is so exciting to see it all come to life after two years working behind the scenes towards this goal.

Waves of Energy

I am so proud of the wave of energy and strength that has been infused into every product. Our entire production process is built on local community and artisan values. All materials are sourced from local artisans and craftsmen with products built using techniques that date back many centuries.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

To give you an idea of just how much energy goes into every piece, my original sarongs took 12 months to create, from the first few drafts with the textile designer, through to a set of sample pieces every quarter and the final, finished product that you see on the website today.

After hand painting the pattern and design of each sarong, it is hung outside to dry. During the lengthy rainy season, we had no choice but to wait until the rain passed and we could let the sarong air dry once again. While the country has a rich craft heritage, the seasons make a consistent process impossible. Each original sample was produced over a four-month cycle to allow for the seasonal changes.

Back to the Origin

It was not only the practical challenges that madebywave faced along the way. I also wanted to succeed in my ambition to illustrate the beauty of Indonesian textiles in a contemporary light while preserving the original artisan process and traditions. There was a long period of searching to understand how I could fulfil this goal with the most positive impact.

After I returned from the yoga retreat where the idea for madebywave was born, it was a six full months before I travelled back to Indonesia to work on the ground. During this time, I researched different textiles and different traditions. I explored how to find the makers who could translate my ideas into reality. I explored the traditions further and secured the direction that the brand was going to take.

Weaving a Story

I also learnt about the weaving traditions that have spanned the generations. While my initial idea was to produce sarongs only, this discovery inspired my move to expand the line towards beach and clutch bags. The tradition of straw weaving and basket weaving is powerful throughout Indonesia. It was wonderful to combine two traditions at the same time and create a unique beginning for madebywave.

On my return to Indonesia, I explored the country with renewed vigour, a new mission and strong ideas in my mind of exactly what I was looking for. I travelled to the different islands in the archipelago to explore the styles and traditions that characterise each destination. I travelled deep into the remote jungle where I discovered communities of artisans that would go on to create the madebywave collections. I connected to a charity I wanted to work with.

The journey was powered by deep admiration and respect for the traditional craftsmanship and textiles. This remains incomparable to anything I have ever seen on my global travels. It is an honour to bring it to life in my very own brand.

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