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You Spin Me Right Round

I’m proud to say that madebywave is very much a bag focused on timeless fashion and statement essentials, as conscious consumerism is the brand’s lifeblood. That’s why I like to keep an eye on the latest trends to see which ones are passing fads and which ones are here to stay.

Timeless Trends

Bucket bags, step aside. One of my favourite trends to re-emerge in the past few weeks is round bags and those in the know are all over it. For yet another season, round / circular bags are firmly holding their own in the style stakes with everyone from Chloe to Marc Jacobs getting in on the fun.

Round bags have been reigning supreme since spring 2017 and their place at the top of the fashion charts is very well-deserved. They represent such a versatile trend with a silhouette that can be worn by just about anyone. Whether you like a tote, crossbody, clutch or oversized arm BFF, then round bags have you sorted.

I love how the round style gives such a soft and understated style statement. It catches the eye but in such a casual way - it's ideal for those who love to look fabulous and to stand out in a subtly!

Design Dreams

There have also been some great moves by designers to add interest to their circular bags in new and unique ways. We've seen it all from unusual and surprising colour blends, bold studded or metallic details to offset the easy, breezy circle, and adjustable straps to change things up and create different looks in one.

Diane von Furstenberg took things one step further this past summer by blending two huge trends in one with her gingham round crossbody bag. Indeed, this perfect circle is a trusty everyday companion with many options available that are smart enough for work and trendy enough for after-work playtime. This style is also deceptively spacious, making round bags both practical and beautiful.


I love to take things to another level with my madebywave creations which is why I’m so proud to announce the launch of my very own round bag designs that are perfect for both everyday wear and holidays. The Maze Bag is available in two colourways with both options handmade by Indonesian craftsmen - using woven rattan and generations-old techniques, traditionally they are called Ate Bags.

Go for the beige option if you favour a more classic style with warm tones, black studded detail and an iconic design. For something equally elegant but a little more left of centre, the Maze Bag in White features electric blue studded bead detail and a bohemian aesthetic. Both bags include a slim tan shoulder strap for easy wear from the plane to the beach and around the city.

Shop the Maze Bags and the full madebywave collections today, including a selection of brand new charms and bag designs!

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