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Five Beautiful Ways To Accessorise Your Beach Style

It’s almost spring and I believe that makes it a perfectly acceptable time of year to start thinking about your beach wardrobe. All too often, holiday purchases become a panicked, last-minute trip to airport shops to buy an ill-fitting bikini and a sarong that you won’t realistically wear beyond one summer.

There’s so much more satisfaction to come from investing in pieces that you really love and will treasure for years to come. Every piece that I create for madebywave tells its own travel story and is made with beautiful quality materials and intricate craftsmanship. These are my top six tips on how best to accessorise your beach look.

1. Create a Contrast

There’s something so stylish and permanently en-vogue about creating a contrast between the beach landscapes and your accessories. Picture golden sands, bright blue skies… and the impossibly sophisticated Java Beach Bag with its volcanic-inspired charcoal hues and elegant design pattern.

If you like the idea but want to go a little less dramatic, the Kalahari Beach Bag features striking black beaded detail but softer main hues with the intricate woven straw pattern. Wear with embellished sandals and stud earrings in complementary charcoal hues for a look worthy of the Hollywood Golden Age.

Complete the look with the Black Java Tassel.

2. Embrace Colours

At the other end of the style scale, I encourage you to embrace the joy, exhilaration and excitement that travelling brings by wearing bright and colourful accessories to match your mood. The St Lucia Bag has a tropical design pattern featuring gorgeous orange and yellow hues to compete for attention with the bright sunshine. Shrug the Lombok Yellow Sarong over your shoulders for a look that oozes warmth and happiness from its every fibre.

Complete the look with the Yellow Seahorse Charm.

3. Beautiful Blues

Studies show that wearing the colour blue inspires a sense of calm and serenity, which is definitely a look and feel that you want to experience on your travels. The Komodo Blue sarong features a design inspired by one of the beautiful Indonesian islands that make up the madebywave homeland.

Dive into the blue with the Komodo Blue sarong, inspired by the Indonesian island where the eponymous dragons come out to play and the deep blue waters offers adventures abound.

Complete the look with the Brighton Beach Bag and Blue Tassel Charm.

4. Patterns and Prints

Exotic and adventurous patterns and prints work beautifully against pristine beach backdrops. Try the Aztec Red Clutch for striking tribal-inspired style and passionate colours or the Tulum Clutch for nautical-inspired ethnic vibes and a confident colour palette. For true colour points, finish your outfit with a patterned bikini in cherry red or turquoise.

Complete the look with the Bali Green Sarong and the Yellow/Orange Starfish Charm.

5. Pare It Back

Sometimes all you want to do on holiday is totally crash out on a paradise beach, far far away from all the stresses and strains of daily life. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then I’d like to suggest a pared back beach style with minimal fuss. The Sumba Blue sarong features a soothing colour palette in indigo blue with shades of white to complement every type of beach ensemble.

Complete the look with the refreshing Daisy Beach Bag.

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