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The Most Romantic Undiscovered Places in the World

The inevitable fuss over Valentine’s Day has madebywave feeling all loved-up but this is a brand that always likes to offer an alternative take on things. That’s why I wanted to take a look at the world with a different view of romance. These are my favourite undiscovered places in the world where love is left free to frolic among beautiful landscapes and breathtaking beaches…


I would suggest heading to Namibia sooner rather than later as this southwest African country is about to become an item on every traveller’s bucket list. This is an exotic wonderland where the Kalahari Desert stretches as far as the eye can see while cheetahs and zebras stand majestically among the sands. Immense natural beauty takes in a diverse range of wildlife along with sweeping canyons, stark wilderness and just your loved one – and the Kalahari Beach Bag - for company.

Palawan Islands

As the lesser-known neighbour of bustling Thailand and Vietnam, the Philippines is a real gem. Just an hour’s plane ride away from the capital of Manila, you will discover the Palawan Islands. Described as “the most beautiful island in the world and sheer perfection” by the Huffington Post, this is the place where emerald waters, traditional fishing villages and tropical jungle landscapes come out to play. It’s also almost too romantic to be real. Add a warm colour pop to your island outfit with the Flores pink sarong over a bikini.


A lot closer to home lies the lovers’ destination of dreams - the town of Valldemossa in Mallorca. Just a few hours’ flight from the UK, this rural mountain town lies in a sweeping valley to create one of the prettiest pictures in the whole of Europe.

Offering olde-worlde charm in its droves with ancient stone houses, cobbled lanes and elegant villas, the village is framed by lush forest landscapes studded with almond and olive trees. Pop your valuables into your Seville Clutch for a Spanish-inspired aesthetic before setting off to explore the town. For romance worthy of 1950s films, explore the cobbled lanes and dine on tapas in one of the many restaurants that time forgot.

Los Roques

If you like far-flung holidays to exotic destinations that seem almost too beautiful to exist, then Los Roques is the place for you. This Venezuelan archipelago and National Park is home to pristine coral reefs, sandy lagoons and beaches that stretch for miles.

Contrary to initial impressions, there's plenty to do aside from laze on the white sands and marvel at your own private paradise. Water babies will love fishing, snorkelling and diving while adrenaline junkies will love the windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Animal lovers should also check out the sea turtle research centre, and don't forget to take your madebywave Java Beach Bag to make a striking fashion statement against the sandy beachscapes.

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