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A New Year with our Beautiful New Products

May I open this blog post by wishing all of the madebywave customers past, present and future a very Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful celebration, wherever in the world you had spent the festive period. This is such a magical time of year and I love to take some time to relax, indulge and reflect on everything that has taken place in the last 12 months.

But I’m all about looking forwards and not backwards, which is why I’m thrilled to announce the addition of a whole new range of madebywave products are now available to order.

Bag It Up

First up, we have a beautiful selection of brand new bags. The Kalahari Beach Bag features an exotic design in black, yellow and green, inspired by the South African desert landscapes. It’s ideal for those fascinated by the vast expanse of deserts around the world and the range of wildlife species that call the desert home. This confident bag jostles for space beside the Mexico City Beach Bag, which is now available in a new, miniature version.

At the other end of the style spectrum, I’m proud to introduce the Daisy Beach Bag in both Regular and Mini size. The Daisy offers a fresh, fun design that is quintessentially English and very refreshing. I’ve also introduced another British-inspired design - by popular demand, the Cotswolds Bag is now available in a miniature version.

The Tahiti Beach Bag is a new design that is uplifting in a very different way. Her exquisite hues are vibrant, fierce and impossibly beautiful, much like the island itself. As such an exquisite destination, I really felt that this design did the island justice.

Our final two new bag designs also pay tribute to two of the world’s most gorgeous island destinations. The Barbados Beach Bag features an energetic, charming design reflective of the island’s insatiable personality, while the Santorini Clutch offers an ethereal beauty much like the island itself.

Like a Charm

Anyone who is familiar with the madebywave brand will know how much I appreciate accessorising. I’ve been working hard on a selection of brand new tassels and charms to decorate your madebywave beach bags, and they’re now ready to purchase!

On the tassels side of things, you can choose from new designs in mustard, beige and electric blue. Over to the charms and there’s a plethora of options! Indulge your love for the ocean with the Seahorse, Coral or Starfish charms available in a range of sunny colours. On the exotic side of the spectrum, the Cactus Charm keeps things chirpy and the Tortoise Charm brings a touch of serenity.

The Daisy Charm adds a fun, playful touch to any bag with a design to complement the new Daisy bag. Last but most certainly not least, the Bumblebee Charm is simply adorable - and if you’re feeling peckish, the Pineapple Charm is almost good enough to eat!

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