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New Year’s Eve around the World

In celebration of madebywave as a global brand and the upcoming New Year’s festivities, I wanted to take a peek at how people celebrate the New Year in two of our favourite global destinations…


The ano nuevo is a huge celebration in Mexico with some weird and wonderful traditions intermixed with more classic celebrations. Dinner is usually eaten even later than usual on the 31st December with many families sitting down around 11pm to a hearty feast of traditional Mexican Christmas foods such as bacalao or pozole accompanied by the traditional hot fruit punch (ponche). It's also common to eat lentils, as they are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

When midnight strikes, it’s traditional to toast with champagne or sparkling cider – it’s also rumoured that dropping a gold ring into your drink before saying "salud!” will bring luck and good fortune for the upcoming year.

Many people believe that the colour of your underwear will dictate your luck for the next 12 months – it’s red for love and yellow for money. The Mexicans are also fairly superstitious about resolutions – they believe in purifying your bad energy before the new year begins by writing a list of everything bad that has happened over the past 12 months and burning it before the clock strikes midnight. Many local people will also sweep the house to clean away the bad vibes and make way for good fortune.

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Depending on where you travel to in Indonesia - the birthplace of madebywave - you will encounter a different type of New Year’s celebrations. Indonesia is a land of contrasts and it’s easy to find a way of celebrating to suit all tastes.

Many local people choose to start the evening with prayers followed by traditional cultural festivities with performing art displays including puppet shows and gamelan ensemble music.

Fireworks displays and partying into the night are common in Bali and Jakarta with everything from a laidback beach party to an all-night clubbing session. In contrast, more rural areas such as Java will see a subdued celebration with local people focused on the concept of reflection and watching the first sunrise of the new year from a high peak, or among the country's vast ancient ruins. It is customary to shake hands with strangers and friends alike, to wish everyone a Selamat Tahun Baru (Happy New Year).

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Wherever in the world you are celebrating the start of 2018. I wish you the very best. I look forward to many more madebywave adventures over the next 12 months!

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