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A Celebration of Colour

Anyone who knows me personally or anyone who follows the madebywave Instagram feed will know just how much I love colour. Whether it’s the entire rainbow of shades, bright and vibrant hues or relaxed, softer tone, I love the endless ways that we can explore with colour to discover new beauty in the world.

Global Traveller

I find so much inspiration for the madebywave designs from the colours in the world around me. As a great lover of both travel and art, I am lucky to have visited some of the most incredible places in the world where colours have been left to bloom and tell their own story for travellers to read.

While I trained as a journalist and worked in financial journalism for a number of years before launching madebywave, I have always nurtured my passion for photography. I believe that my work behind the lens has enhanced my appreciation of colour which has translated into a range of beautiful products that make up the madebywave collections and encapsulate the colours of the world.

Live in Colour

Each piece tells its own story and celebrates living an authentic life in colour. I take great care in choosing the colour palettes for each bag, sarong and bag charm in my collections to make sure it evokes the emotions of the piece in a genuine way. The beauty of fashion and style is that we can all explore our own personality through the products we choose to purchase and how we dress to tell the world our own story.

When I wake up in the morning, I use my mood to guide how I want to dress that day. Some days I will feel perky, positive and ready to face anything the day throws at me. My style will be bold and fearless with the colours to match – the Aztec Red Clutch and Zambezi Beach Bag are my perfect sidekicks for days like this.

Brighten Up

On other days, I may wake up after a poor night’s sleep and feel like I need a b

it of a lift. The sunny shades of the Holkham Beach Bag always add warmth to my mood, while the Brighton Clutch is soft and feminine with refreshing vibes to lift my spirits. And for those days where I really mean business, I go back to black with the Java Beach Bag which inspires confidence and serenity in equal measure.

I remain fascinated by the power of colour to boost or enhance mood. The madebywave brand identity is one that is wrapped up within so many different colours and stories. I am thrilled to share them with you.

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