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Eco Warriors and the Ethical Collection Pop-Up

Running a business in London is such an exciting position to be in. During the course of my work, I mingle with inspirational designers, entrepreneurs and eco-minded innovators whose values align so closely with the madebywave label. I love that no day is ever the same and each one brings new and exciting opportunities that bring the madebywave label a little further into the spotlight.

My Latest Online Outlet

In the spirit of ambition and goal digging, I’m thrilled to announce my latest collaboration with the Ethical Collection. Founded in 2015 by ethical fashionista and thought leader Giovanna Eastwood, this online eco-luxury boutique has a strong presence in sustainable fashion circles. It is the beating heart of eco fashion and I am totally obsessed with their values and ethos.

The Ethical Collection tells style with a story, using sustainable and beautiful products through every chapter. And starting this week, the entire madebywave Autumn/Winter range will be available on the Ethical Collection website! The Ethical Collection showcases products “created by real craftsmen in safe and honest environments.” I'm proud to say that madebywave fits right into this picture.

A Collection of Ethical Designers

All of the Ethical Collection products are fun and super-stylish with a great range to choose from. Among a collection of sustainable brands and ethical, small, independent designers from across the globe, you can discover clothing and accessories in diverse styles, prints, patterns and colours.

I will be selling my pieces alongside some of my favourite designers including Mara Hoffman, whose beautiful statement clothing is handmade in India using conscious practices and sustainable materials with a focus on organic linen. Her brightly coloured pieces blend beautifully with the madebywave straw clutch bags for a comfortable and very chic beachside look.

Another of my favourite designers, Guanabana, also feature on Ethical Collection. This gorgeous brand offer handmade accessories that blend South American artisan techniques with a European aesthetic, bold colours and exotic patterns. Their ready to wear products are handmade in both Madrid and Colombia. I love their Guajiro Hats which look super-sophisticated when teamed with any of the madebywave products.

Of course, it is wonderful for products to be made using sustainable ethics and a socially responsible approach but consumers also lo

ok for quality. Every designer featured on the Ethical Collection is chosen for their commitment to exceptional standards – creating beautifully crafted products that tell a story, surpass trends and last a lifetime.

High Street vs. Small Brand

There is a great need for a rising awareness of sustainable fashion in our society, and that’s why I’m so pleased to be involved with this venture. It’s all about doing our bit to bring a sustainable change to the fashion industry but smaller brands cannot do it alone.

High street fashion labels are slowly starting to prioritise their eco credentials and transparency in advertising and marketing – this approach propels positive change to really help smaller brands such as madebywave and the other designers on Ethical Collection. Giovanna promotes the idea to “buy less and choose well” and I wholeheartedly agree with this approach.

A Change Will Do You Good

Choosing well means knowing where your products have come from and respecting the production process – ever since the launch of madebywave at the start of 2017 I have seen an increasing push from consumers for more engagement with the brands that they buy from. Conscious brands all have a story to tell and it is brilliant when this story plays an active role in that person’s decision to buy.

As we see these changes starting to take place, this marks a move away from fast, throwaway fashion and pieces that you may wear once or twice before growing bored of them. Instead, there has been a move towards sustainable, high quality and long-lasting products that tell a story you will really fall in love with.

With a great story begins a great dialogue and once we get people talking,

that’s the real sign of change. It is no doubt a difficult thing to accept change but for every person that slows down and takes the time to consider the impact of each of their decisions, that’s one step in the right direction.

Taking Things Slow

I am certainly proud to be a part of this slow fashion movement. Every madebywave product across the collections is handmade by artisans in Indonesia using conscious practices. I maintain a close relationship with the local craftsmen and communities to make sure that the authenticity and creativity for which my brand is known stays strong.

My collections aim to celebrate the creativity and talent of these artisans as well as ensure that their centuries-old crafting techniques remain alive.

An Eco Pop-Up

If you fancy getting up close with the Ethical Collection, come down and see the products and brands in person at this month’s pop up. You can discover the latest collection of madebywave bags for the Autumn-Winter season as well as a whole host of ethical, conscious products and exclusive styles from the year-round Resort Wear collections to complete your wardrobe. There's plenty of opportunity to chat to the designers and discover the stories behind your new pieces. You can also try on new styles to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that your purchases are part of a conscious movement.

For luxury shopping and style with a clear conscience, the Ethical Collection is clearly the way to go.

The pop up is open every day from 10am-6pm until 5 November at 199 Portobello Road in the heart of fashionable West London. If you’re travelling by tube, the closest Underground stations are Notting Hill Gate and Ladbroke Grove.

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