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Styling It Out For the Golden Autumn

The summer is over but a distant memory and the colours of autumn are starting to settle over London. The city is so beautiful at this time of year and I love to make the most of it all. A new season also means it’s time for a style shift and wardrobe transition to fit with the cooler temperatures.

I like adapting my look to fit with the changing landscapes and the madebywave pieces are staying firmly by my side during autumn. The straw bag trend is still going strong and the madebywave basket bags are the ideal companion for leisurely park strolls, countryside getaways and long weekend picnics that last until the sun goes down.

Countryside Capers

This is the best time of year for countryside and forest walks in the London suburbs and beyond when the crowds have long dissipated and the season lends itself to beautiful snapshots that show off the British countryside in all its glory.

Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath are two of my favourite spots to enjoy the changing colours of the autumn in London

and the fresh seasonal aromas as the green leaves transform to embrace warm brown and burnt orange shades.

A long walk always works up a healthy appetite and I love to enjoy a long brunch or afternoon tea in one of the many beautiful cafes around Primrose Hill and Hampstead.

City Slickers

It always feels a little bit warmer inside the streets of London than further afield and the golden October days bathe the city in a warm light. Bars and restaurants turn on their outdoor heaters so we can huddle in the warmth and still enjoy an al fresco meal or a glass of winter Pimms by candlelight.

On these adventures, I love to take my mini Richmond bag with me for a relaxed yet stylish look. The natural straw material is extremely versatile and beautifully complements brighter or more muted shades, as well as the warm and cosy colours of the autumn.

I also love that the bag is compact yet roomy enough to carry all my essentials. The mini Java bag offers the same style with a different colour palette that is ideal for the golden autumn season if you prefer darker accessories to complete your look.

Night Owl

The autumn season in London also brings with it a whole host of events including Halloween parties, fireworks displays and even early Christmas cheer with mulled wine popping up on the menu when late October rolls around.

The madebywave basket bags fits perfectly into the picture whether it be enjoying a glass of hot cider at an elegant city pub or spending the evening wrapped in a blanket under the stars at an outdoor cinema screening of your favourite Christmas film.

To complete your autumn wardrobe, click here to check out the full range of madebywave basket bags and choose your favourites!

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