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The New Collection for AW17

I'm so thrilled to introduce a collection of brand new products for the madebywave collections just in time for the AW17 season. All three new designs are ideal for travelling to your dream destinations, just for carrying them around in town or packing for a day in the countryside.

Bag It Up

On the bags front, we’ve added a beautiful new feature to our three new designs in the form of a detachable strap. This makes each product even more versatile and very handy for comfort when travelling.

First up, the popular Zambezi design pattern returns in medium size to complement the exotic shades of the Zambezi clutch. Just like my current collections, every Zambezi bag has been hand woven by local indigenous communities in Indonesia, using straw from the gebang palm tree.

In another tribute to the madebywave homeland, I’m proud to introduce a brand new design in the Java Bag. Presented in medium size, the bag’s intricate beaded detail blends shades of black, white, fresh pink and vibrant green for a stylish nod to the Indonesian volcanic island for which it is named.

Our final bag was inspired by travels a little bit closer to home. The Richmond Bag comes in a mini and M size yet still includes plenty of room for all the essentials. Its cherry red beaded detail sits alongside black and white design features for a beautiful statement piece.

Totally Charming

All of the madebywave products are designed to complement one another, and I’m thrilled to introduce a range of new charms and tassels to adorn and customize your bags.

The Dragon Fruit charm is delicious in every aspect with bright colours, plenty of tropical goodness and a black loop to easily enhance any style. The Oak Leaf charm brings a more rustic style with the colours of autumn, and the sticks design comes in a choice of vibrant green and orange, sunshine yellow and orange, electric blue and black or fuschia and black shades so that you can choose the perfect one to suit your style – or a selection to really make a beautiful aesthetic.

Over on the tassels front, the Zambezi Tassel again features the hot, passionate shades of her bag counterparts. The beautiful shades of colour evoke images of the African sunsets sure to spark a sense of wanderlust.

The Java Tassel features smooth black shades for a soothing aesthetic alongside bright, beautiful beaded detail for an uplifting feel.

I hope that you fall in love with the new products just as much as I have - and that they help you to write your own beautiful stories at home and away.

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