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Making the Most of the Indian Summer

There’s something so wonderful about the Great British summer and when it comes to the Indian Summer, it is just such a nice extra bonus! Even though we can’t rely on the weather to be glorious sunshine every day, I love the atmosphere all around the UK during the warmer months. It’s also a great time of year to show off your gorgeous summer fashions. I’ve pulled together some of my favourite summer pasttimes to give you a bit of inspiration – both for having fun and for enjoying your accessories to the max.

Getting Away From it all on a Quiet Beach

Spending a day at the seaside is one of my favourite ways to spend a summer day and embrace my playful childhood side. One of my bag designs - the Holkham - was inspired by the everlasting sand dunes of this lovely beach tucked into a corner of East Anglia. When I need a bit of peace and quiet, I head to Holkham with just my partner and a good book for company with my daily essentials packed into my beach bag. If watersports are your cup of tea, this is a beautiful location to kite surf until the sun sets.

Indulging in Great British traditions

At the other end of the spectrum, I also love indulging in traditional British escapades with a day in Brighton. I play on the arcades, enjoy some candy floss and just wander around the old town. My Brighton beach bag fits in beautifully with the colourful city backdrop.

The Great Outdoors

One of my favourite things about Britain is her gorgeous green landscapes. I have always been inspired by the seemingly everlasting beauty of the Cotswolds where picture-perfect landscapes seem to stretch for miles. Whenever I fancy something a little different during the summer, I head to this region to spend my days breathing in the fresh country air on long walks with just my Cotswolds bag for company, stopping only to admire the local villages that time forgot and enjoying great British food in a traditional oak-beamed pub beside the fireplace.

Festival Fundays

No summer is complete without a festival and we're spoilt for choice in England. Whether you prefer the more family-friendly atmosphere at The Good Life Experience Festival or a classic, grungy number, this is certainly one for the bucket list. I always pack a sarong into my bag to throw around my shoulders to keep warm in easy, breezy style as day eases into night. The darker shades of the Sumba Blue design are sure to hide any festival dirt!

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