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Eco-inspiration with the Ethical Collection

I am always seeking new ways to work with brands that have the same core values and ethics as madebywave. Independent fashion and accessories brands with a genuine focus on value and sustainability. That’s why I was thrilled recently to be approached by the Ethical Collection.

This eco-luxury boutique is based in the heart of Notting Hill offering curated collections of unique, sustainable pieces from global designers and artisans. Together with their founder Giovanna Eastwood, I am currently looking at ways that we can work together. We have a lot of ideas and a few exciting projects in the pipeline.

Fashion with a Conscience

Giovanna founded the Ethical Collection in 2015 after being inspired by the work of her mother’s Brazil-based charity which taught young women to craft bags made from recycled material. Learning a new trade, taking pride in their work and gaining income from selling the bags gave these women something wonderful. It also had a positive impact on their local communities.

From the outset, Giovanna was imbued with a strong sense of purpose to dedicate her skills and passion to ethical fashion and all that it represents. With the tagline “Casual Luxury, Unique Stories,” and the help of her friend and colleague Annina Youngblood, Giovanna and the Ethical Collection give “the choice of style with a story.” All collections are Fair Trade.

Global Stories

With madebywave a brand that also has so many stories to tell, I am truly inspired by the Ethical Collection’s work. It’s impossible not to be! Both of our brands strive for exceptional quality and beautiful, vibrant products that have been created in a mindful way with kindness towards people and the planet. I know that however we decide to work together, it's going to be something very special.

As I mentioned in a previous post, being sustainable in your shopping is all about the everyday. We all have the choice to make a positive impact with every decision that we make. I’m proud to support local Indonesian communities with the current madebywave collections.

Upcoming madewave collections will support other ethnic communities around the world with a focus on craftsmanship and slow fashion. Together we can all create something beautiful.

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