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What’s in a Name?

Every part of the madebywave journey tells a story, and the product names are no different. Come with me on a journey through my collections and around the world on a colourful adventure of naming, inspiration and design…

Ocean Waves

The madebywave roots are firmly set down in Bali, Indonesia – a surfer’s paradise where people come from across the world to ride the waves. Sometimes the waves are so big, it is a game of dare to even step foot in the ocean.

That positive energy and flow along with the wave of movement and strength of creativity are beyond inspirational. This is why I chose the name madebywave, as it brings all of this together. I aspire, too, for my brand to go global just like the waves themselves do.

The Land of the Sea

When it came to naming my products, I played around with a lot of ideas. I knew I wanted something that reflected the beach accessories and holiday theme. It was also important to have names that sound as beautiful in the Western world as they do elsewhere in order to attract an international audience.

My sarongs - and madebywave's inaugural products - were named for locations across the brand’s Indonesian birthplace. This is a country that the locals call ‘the land of the sea’ as it spread across more than 17000 islands. Every sarong has a unique colour palette that corresponds to the island for which it was named, from the coral shades of the Flores Pink to the vibrant shades of the Bali Green.

Bag It Up

When it came to naming the madebywave bags, the global theme really comes into play. My set of UK-inspired bags come in both beach and clutch designs, named for inspirational locations across England.

The Cotswolds beach bag and clutch pays tribute to this picturesque region where I love to spend time with my loved ones. It is just a stone’s throw from London but a whole world away from the noisy, fast-paced city. I love the countryside walks, beautiful villages and traditional pubs, as well as the overall sense of tranquillity that presents itself in abundance.

Beach Babe

Boasting a playful, hedonistic colour palette, my Brighton beach and clutch bags were named after the bright, fun beachside town. I love to wander around the pier and explore the old town, drinking in the colours and enjoying a spot of brunch in a delicious organic café.

When I fancy a day by the sea in a more peaceful location, I head to Holkham – my favourite beach in the UK and the inspiration for the eponymous beach and clutch bags. The seemingly endless dunes and unique landscapes take my breath away and nothing compares to a sunny day spent relaxing on the sand with a good book while my partner kite surfs until the sun goes down.

Caribbean Dreams

Of course, it’s not only the British landscapes that have captured my heart. The St Lucia clutch was inspired by the exotic Caribbean island with its vibrant culture and infectious, laid-back vibes. Sunshine yellow hues evoke the warmth of the sun and the pure, yellow sands while the turquoise shades recall pristine ocean waters. The big yellow tassel and circular design pattern give a nod to the festive carnival mood that the islanders seem to enjoy every day of the year.

My personal love for tribal art and design influenced the calligraphy-style pattern, naming process and colour palette for the Aztec Blue and Aztec Red clutches. I am a keen collector of tribal art, statues, masks and ornaments, which is why it felt important to have products related to something that goes beyond the surface of beautiful global destinations.

Tribal Temptation

This tribal influence extends to the Mexico City clutch with its dazzling pattern and bold colours to depict the unique style and atmosphere of this sprawling metropolis. Travel away from the Mexican capital and north towards Cancun to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in the world at Tulum.

The Tulum clutch was the very first bag that I designed for madebywave, and it is simply one of the most exquisite places on earth. Tulum is a free spirit with a buzzing culture, restful yoga retreats, incredible sports on land and at sea, and some of the best bars and cafes I’ve ever known.

While Tulum may have provided some of my most incredible memories, the Sicilian island of Paranarea also comes up top. I love the island for its exclusivity and the feeling that it is untouched by the stress of modern life. Its colours are pure and strong with deep blue Mediterranean seas and red-hot sunsets.

Fire and Passion

To complete the madebywave collections, we have the Seville clutch with a bold design and strong colours to represent my deep passion for flamenco dance, folk dance and the captivating character of the Spanish city.

Finally, the Zambezi clutch is my little piece of Africa that reflects the character and spirit of the continent. Using a design emblazoned with Africa orange, the clutch was named after the river that flows into Victoria Falls - one of the most dreamlike places on earth. I felt a truly special connection with the Falls and the African spirit, too.

The madebywave heart beats around the globe, and I believe that the brand and product names encourage the idea of movement. I hope that my products give you good vibes, motivation and the urge to travel just like they do for me. I look forward to continuing the madebywave journey and to see where we go next!

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