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The Official madebywave Launch at a Luxe Story Resort

Be still my beating heart, for this Friday 3rd March marks the official launch of madebywave! I am beyond thrilled to introduce the world to the brand that I have worked so hard to create.

I have been working to build my accessories brand for more than 24 months. Much of the work has been done in the snippets of time available on the side of my former full time job as a financial journalist. It is such an exhilarating feeling to have finally reached this point.

Journey of Discovery

In my next journal post, I will take you through the longer story of how madebywave came to be but for now I will simply tell you that the idea for the brand was born following a yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia two years ago.

I have travelled back and forward to Indonesia five times since this journey. While this may not sound like a tough job (!), taking your own journey of discovery is tiring work. It is also, of course, immensely rewarding.

On each trip to the Far East, I spent two to three weeks rising before dawn on many mornings and travelling for five hours at a time over rough terrain into the deepest corners of the Indonesian islands. I was on a mission to find the local artisans and craftsmen who would turn my dreams into reality.

In Indonesia, the locals are fairly closed until they learn to trust you and they were not keen to share their information and connections. As I did not speak the language and was not yet familiar with the culture, forging relationships proved quite a challenge.

From Concept to Reality

During this time I was still working back in London as a financial journalist, researching revenues and defaults for my feature articles! But as my feet walked the streets of London and my hands tapped away on the keyboard to share the latest financial news, my heart was across the world in Indonesia beside the turquoise Balinese oceans.

In the snippets of time away from my job, I travelled to Indonesia to continue my search. It was a long, painstaking process to find the perfect madebywave team but I knew I would find the right people. And I did.

A Suitably Luxe Story

It was exactly one year ago in March 2016 that I finally took a leap of faith and left behind my steady job, respected position and secure income to pursue my creative passions full time. This journey ultimately led to my unofficial launch at a Christmas gift sale for friends and family back in December.

This year, I’m going public! I’m so excited to be presenting my products and brand to a wider audience and showing the world what madebywave is all about.

It’s an honour for my official launch to be at A Luxe Story Resort beside some of the most inspirational creative designers and independent brands I have ever come across.

I look forward to seeing you there!

A Luxe Story Resort launch party takes place this Friday 3rd March from 5pm-8pm at 340 Kings Road, London, SW3 5UR. The pop-up will stay open until 15 March 2017 from 9.30-18.00 Monday-Friday, 10.00-18.00 on Saturdays and 11.00-17.00 on Sundays.

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